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Robert W. Burks




Robert started drawing at the age of 2! His first drawing (that he remembers) was a Boeing TWA airplane and was completed at the age of 5.

He was first commissioned to draw while accompanying his mother to the bowling alley, earning money to play the pinball machines.

In the eighth grade an art teacher took an interest in the drawings that he had covered his textbook jackets with. She encouraged him to join her art class and he became her student for the next four years through high school. She was instrumental in him becoming a member of the National Art Honor Society in his junior year of high school.

After graduating and developing other interests, he again began drawing in 1995.

Robert's father's interest was in automobiles. He restored Packards and always drove '57 Chrysler 300's. Robert developed a love for the automobile...it was in his blood. The curves and angles captivated him and he began drawing them using the reflections in wheels and fenders and headlights to pull the total picture together.

As well as using pencil, he also works with colored pencils, oils, acrylics and pastels to recreate the automobiles that he loves.

Robert thanks God for gift that he gave him and looks forward to devoting his life to drawing, which has become his passion.

LMG Enterprises is currently accepting subjects for commission on behalf of Robert. Please e-mail us at LMG@AutoBks.com.  We feel his work is exceptional and we also believe that you will be pleasantly surprised with his pricing! He is accepting commissions in order to develop his portfolio with the ultimate goal of becoming a full-time artist.

If you have a special photograph of a car that you own, or used to own, please send it to us, along with contact information, and we will pass it on to Robert. He will contact you personally to discuss size, medium, presentation and cost.

This could be your chance to own a piece of original artwork by an "up and coming" artist. We have included a few samples and details from some of his works to give you insight into his exceptional talent.