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Mascots - otherwise know as "hood ornaments" or "radiator mascots" is a fast growing segment of automobilia collectibles.  It is estimated that there were in excess of 5,000 differing mascots produced during their heyday. Their demise was due to the onset of the streamline era, and by the end of World War II the mascot had all but vanished. Mascots were designed to spend their life on the hood of a motorcar, they may exhibit corrosion, chips, and even marks from tools that were used to remove them - so the owner could check the water level in the radiator.  Do not pass up a desirable mascot that exhibits these marks, they prove authenticity and add provenance to the fact that it spent at least part of its life on the hood of a car!

Beginning collectors should be wary, as the marketplace is full of reproductions, many of which are offered for sale in online auctions.  Get a copy of the William C. Williams book "Motoring Mascots of the World" and use it often.  While it will not guarantee that what you purchase will be authentic, it will help the novice collector avoid some of the pitfalls of mascot collecting.

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