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Daum is the first crystal maker in the world to take an interest in the theme of the automobile and to be inspired by the products of 20th century technology to create decorative pieces.

Daum was the first to imagine a collection of dream cars in the purest crystal representing models of the American dream, the 1930's, or of ultimate luxury.  Daum introduced a collection of cars, faithful reproductions in crystal of the most prestigious models:  Bugatti, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche, Aston Martin, etc.

Decorative objects and collector's items, they are intended both for lovers of modern crystal design and for the enthusiastic collector of automobiles.  The Daum signature is engraved in the crystal of each model and authenticates the piece.  

For more information and history of Daum Crystals, click here for our Q&A on Daum Crystal Sculptures.

Here's another Daum Crystal website that's loaded with information... http://www.mydaumcrystal.com/home.htm  The owner of this site, Bill Russell, was a HUGE help in providing much of the information on our Q&A and his website is a 'knockout' presentation of everything Daum.

NOTICE:  We can no longer ship Daum crystals internationally unless the buyer accepts liability for transit damage as the maximum insurance coverage available for this type of merchandise is between $500 and $650 depending on the carrier.

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